CBS IMPACT SUMMIT: Hvad skal Danmark leve af de næste 100 år?

When: Thursday 16 November, 2017 - 14:00 to 18:00

Where: CBS

CBS Impact Summit brings together company CEOs, CBS researchers, students, representatives from business, industry, and political life. We ask, what impact have some of the largest companies in Denmark had on the Danish society during the last 100 years? What challenges do they face? How do we as students, business university and society understand and connect to the corporate change agendas? How can we discuss the concept ‘business in society impact’?

Throughout 2017, CBS Impact Project has teamed up with Novo Nordisk, Danske Bank, Arla Foods and A.P. Møller-Mærsk to investigate how the Danish economy and societal development is connected to the development and growth of these large companies?

Corporate impact case studies provided by CBS researchers will serve as the foundation for these investigations and debates.

Thus, the CBS impact study looks back to tell the story of impact in the past 100 years. The CBS Impact Summit looks ahead in order to discuss what is necessary to maintain business in society impact in the coming 100 years.

The CBS Impact Summit will take place at CBS as an afternoon conference on Thursday 16 November 2017. The event will be organized in collaboration with DI (Confederation of Danish Industry) and it will sum up the CBS Centenary.

The CBS Impact Project is a contribution to the strategic ambition of CBS to create a closer knit collaboration with business and expand knowledge on business in society impact as well as CBS’ role on this.

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