My CBS Story


CBS by accident or by luck?

When people ask what I do and I answer that I work at CBS Library, the common response is: Are you still there? – and yes, I am still here and have had a permanent position at the library for 20 years! The next question typically is: – But is it not boring to do the same thing for that long? And then my long story begins. No, it is not boring at all. CBS is constantly evolving, fortunately, and my work assignments have changed accordingly.

However, now when I come to think of it – CBS already became a part of my everyday life in 1988 where I as a brand new student showed up in just as brand new Dalgas Have to start on a business language programme (which later came to be known as BA) studying two languages: French and Spanish – yes, it might be an odd combination, but it was perfect for me. It resulted in an exchange stay in Barcelona in 91/92 and in a voluntary duty as language assistant during OL in 92. An amazing experience which I would never have got if I was not a CBS student. After returning home, I started studying a MA in International Business Communication with Spanish as language. It was a comprehensive programme with introductions to many academic fields since a translator’s assignments often are unpredictable.

As a student, I was always on the lookout for new job opportunities, and in 1995, I got the position as student assistant at CBS Library (the language library in Dalgas Have). I was very pleased with the job except from when the big encyclopaedias and dictionaries – yes, it was before the internet – had to be put back on their place. I soon got a temporary position which resulted in an employment as research assistant at the Department of Spanish where I had to develop a corpus of texts from the internet. Oh, it was new back then. Unfortunately, there was only funds for 5 months.

I was therefore unemployed for approximately a couple of hours. After those hours, I was contacted by the head librarian who wanted to appoint me as a subject specialist within linguistics and language (French, Italian and Spanish) if I wanted to. The answer was yes. And I am still here.

At the library, I have had different work assignments: purchase of books, guidance and teaching, projects, communication, web, and probably a lot more. I have also completed a third programme at CBS called CBS MLA (Master of Language Administration) and written a master thesis with focus on CBS’ language policy. If you just try something new and always make an effort, I believe it will never be boring to stay at the same place.

I sometimes think that many things have happened by chance, and I have been lucky to be at the right place at the right time. CBS is and will always stay a part of me with many changes and experiences along the way, great acquaintances and not least wonderful colleagues at CBS Library.