My CBS Story


From thoughts of dropping out to legal consultant at CBS

I hold an MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law from CBS in 2016.

However, like many others, I had some doubts during my studies about whether I had chosen the right programme because I also had my own company selling clothes in multiple countries which caused me to reconsider the direction of my education.

In order to enhance my knowledge on law and whether I also had practical interest in the field, I started as a student assistant in CBS Procurement. I quickly learned that I found law interesting, and from then on, I was determined to complete my degree in business administration and commercial law. My position as student assistant was replaced with a substitute job as legal procurement consultant in August 2016 followed by a permanent position as legal procurement consultant in CBS Procurement in 2017.

As legal procurement consultant at CBS, I work with contestability. My primary function is to help CBS’ decentralised units with fulfilling their needs while CBS still obtains lucrative prices and solid contracts in conformity with the law.

My main specialisation is in procurement and contracts within the area of IT where I contribute to increasing the maturity level in order for us to get better contracts with our external suppliers and simultaneously still reap the benefits.  I experience a great potential for personal development in CBS Procurement because of our focus on knowledge sharing and sparring and the fact that I have many different and challenging work assignments.