When: Wednesday 15 November, 2017 - 00:00 to Saturday 18 November, 2017 - 00:00

Where: CBS

The 34th Euro-Asia Management Studies Association’s (EAMSA) annual conference will take place at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, 15th -18th of November 2017. EAMSA conferences bring together European and Asian researchers and practitioners to discuss managerial, strategic, cultural and organizational aspects of European-Asian business collaboration. This year, the EAMSA conference will focus on how stalled globalization will impact European-Asian business relations.

The background for this year’s EAMSA conference theme is that the continuing and deepening integration of European and Asian business witnessed over the past 20-30 years no longer can be taken for granted. Economic developments (e.g. the financial crises and sluggish economic performance in parts of Europe and Asia), political developments (e.g. Brexit, growing protectionism, and stalled trade negotiations) and technological developments (e.g. communication technology and robotics) seem to be challenging the globalization momentum of previous decades. Researchers need to understand how these developments may impact European and Asian companies’ propensity to invest, collaborate and compete across the two regions. Hence, researchers in the areas of international business, organization studies, area studies and management science are encouraged to submit theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers that draw on qualitative, quantitative, mixed and case study approaches to explore, evaluate, critique and debate issues arising from the conference theme The conference has organized a number of paper sessions, panels and keynotes around the conference theme.

The conference is organized in collaboration between three CBDS units: the Center for Business and Development Studies (CBDS), The Asia Research Center (ARC) and the Department for Strategic Management and Globalization (SMG). The conference is part of the official CBS centenary celebrations. The organizing committee for the conference consists of Associate Professor Michael W. Hansen (CBDS/MSC), Professor Aradhna Aggarwal (ARC/INT), Associate Professor Michael Jacobsen (ARC/INT), Associate Professor Peter Ørberg Jensen (SMG), Center Director Ari Kokko (ARC /INT),  Professor Bent Petersen (SMG), and Department Head Dorte Salsskov-Iversen (MSC).

For more information, please contact Michael W. Hansen (