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Entrepreneurship and innovation are the keys to prosperity for humanity as a whole, for nations, and for business. The foundation of our welfare state is at stake if we cannot innovate and make an impact on society. One way of innovating is by building more entrepreneurship into activities throughout CBS. By doing so, students will continuously contribute to the development of the society when they canalize their knowledge and ideas into startups and new organizations.

CBSSTARTUP supports initiatives based on an entrepreneurial mindset with close connection to Copenhagen School of entrepreneurship (CSE). Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) is the unit at CBS supporting practical based entrepreneurship and value creating for society through entrepreneurship. Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) has been the front runner for student start-ups from all universities in Denmark, providing programs, facilities, counseling and mentoring to startups – often cross disciplinary teams.

CBSSTARTUP will grant the needed early venture funding to support the growth of startups into sustainable business ventures and hereby ensure that innovation gets the best conditions.   Therefore, CBSSTARTUP is a natural add-on to the ecosystem at CBS and fits into the overall strategy for CBS, where one of the 3 focus areas is entrepreneurship.

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Contact information:

Karina Rothoff Brix
+45 61772147


The CBS Scholarship Fund


The CBS Scholarship Fund is established to support Copenhagen Business School in attracting the best qualified international MBA students by offering scholarships to skilled and ambitious candidates.

CBS aims at attracting the best and most qualified students both nationally and from abroad. CBS’ programmes must be based on both excellent research and teaching of very high standard in order to compete with international, highly recognised universities around the world. By making scholarships available to international MBA students at Copenhagen Business School, the CBS Scholarship Fund supports CBS’ efforts in attracting the best candidates.

Like other Danish universities, CBS does not have the necessary powers to grant such scholarships. Thus, the primary task of the CBS Scholarship Fund is to make scholarships accessible through external contributions and thereby make CBS an attractive option for the coveted international students, to whom scholarships are an essential aspect in their choice of education.

Highly qualified international talent contributes to strengthening the productivity and competitiveness of Danish companies. CBS wishes to support this.

Contact information:
The CBS Scholarship Fund at Copenhagen Business School
Martin Kramer-Jørgensen
Head of Secretariat, President’s Office
Kilevej 14 A, 1. sal, 2000 Frederiksberg
Tel: +45 3815 3815
Ext: +45 3815 2062
Business reg. no.: 29421358


Michala Røder
Alumni Relations Manager at the Copenhagen Full- time MBA
Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg
Tel: +45 3815 6021

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The Foundation CBS Academic Housing

The purpose of the foundation is to support the internationalisation strategy of CBS via the provision of housing for international students and visiting professors at CBS.

CBS Academic Housing was established by CBS in 2001 in order to strengthen the internationalisation efforts at CBS. The Foundation CBS Academic Housing owns and maintains residences and rents and sublets rooms and apartments in residences owned by others.
Provision of housing for incoming international students is often a prerequisite in the exchange agreements between CBS and leading international business schools and universities.

CBS Academic Housing is a non-profit entity relying on external donations for the financing of the residences.

Contact information:
CBS Academic Housing
CEO Charlotte Aller
Dalgas Have 15
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Tel: +45 38 15 30 15

Business reg. no.: 26 15 23 72