My CBS Story


CBS can’t sit still – neither can I!

Just the other day, I happily shouted to a colleague that I finished the last item on my to-do-list for that day. Then I checked my e-mail: 32 new unread mails. I then shouted again, this time out the window of Howitzvej 11, 1. Floor: Organization! Could you just for once sit still, so I can enjoy a clean desk and desktop?

However, CBS cannot sit still! As frustrating as it might be, this is also one of the reasons why I love to work here. Moreover, it is due to this special CBS drive and spirit that we make a difference to our students and to our society every day.

After a few first bumpy years on the labour market after university, I started to work at CBS in 2006. I got my first permanent position here in 2007, and I have worked here since. In writing this story, I asked myself why. The CBS drive and spirit are one part of the answer. And guess what? I cannot sit still either. So you could say, it is a perfect match! I have over the years worked with many different projects, tasks and challenges at different places at CBS. Moreover, I have grown and developed both as an employee and as a person.

Another part of the answer is my colleagues, and the friendly informal network of CBS employees – high as low. In all the places and different constellations I have worked, I have felt welcome and appreciated. And no matter how hard the challenges have been from time to time, I have been lucky to be part of a group of colleagues who might quarrel, even a lot, but in the end stick together and support each other. When I think over it once more, it is perhaps the thing I cherish the most!

So: Thanks and happy birthday to you, my dear colleagues! You are the ones who make a difference to me, to CBS and to our students every day. And I hope that in spite of all the challenges and changes we might face in the years to come, we manage to hold on to our spirit and unity.