My CBS Story


CBS, I am grateful

Today, exactly six months have passed since I graduated from CBS. It was a rainy Thursday in October, and it was one of the best days of my life. Surrounded by friends and family, I had the pleasure of popping the final champagne with the exact same study group as I had started the journey with five years earlier. A remarkable day for the last words of a chapter and for the first words of a new one.

When I was asked to write this post, I started considering what my CBS story was about: Should it be about all the fine people I met at CBS? The guys that I have kissed, or the girls I today call my very best friends? Maybe it should be about all the hours reading words I didn’t understand? Or all the hours I should have spent reading words I didn’t understand?

No, my CBS story should be about gratefulness because this is exactly what I owe to CBS.

You might ask yourself where all this sudden love comes from? Why this little love story? I am fully aware that I am in danger of sounding like a cliché here, like this perfect nerd with this perfect time at the university. I am not a nerd. To be frank, I actually spent my very first hours at the library just two weeks before I handed in my thesis. I never fully understood what Habermas was talking about and for one semester, I avoided buying books to save money for travelling. There is no doubt I was not the perfect student. I am guilty in sometimes jumping the low fence and in total, I probably spent more hours working than studying.

However, looking back as the Alumni I am today, the five years I spent at CBS have undoubtedly been the most exciting, challenging and developing years of my life. In 2011, I entered Dalgas Have as a shy, insecure new comer to Copenhagen. In 2016, I left as a confident, more experienced and extremely happy academic ready to take on new exciting adventures.

My time at CBS has giving me more knowledge than I was capable of absorbing. It has giving me adventures and the opportunity to live and study in both Paris and Tokyo. My time at CBS has giving me freedom to skip class and experience the world, but it has also stolen my time and locked me away with books while my friends were dancing in the streets of Copenhagen. My time at CBS has giving me headache and burst of crying, and there have been times where I was in way over my head. But most importantly, my time a CBS has giving me the ability to dream big and the capabilities to pursue these big dreams – and for that, I am grateful.