My CBS Story


CBS is the perfect platform

One late night, when I was walking through the hallways of CBS after spending the day representing my bachelor programme at the Open Day, I realised how much I have changed. I applied for my bachelor programme in a very self-doubting manner. Thoughts like whether I will fit in with the other CBS students or whether studying business really is my call crossed my mind. At the Open Day, I met people frustrated by the same thoughts. Some reminded me of how I used to be – shy and settled within my comfort zone. Meeting these people made me realise how much of an impact CBS has had on my personal development. The three-year long journey has not only enriched me academically but also socially. This social capital has been a solid building block for my personal development. I had the privilege to meet intelligent, hardworking and ambitious people who pushed me out of my beloved comfort zone. Out here, I discovered true passions. Moreover, I got to refine my own ambitions and redefine my own goals.

I think CBS is the perfect platform to unfold professionally. There are various student organisations, where you can meet people with similar interests and somewhat similar level of energy. Also, CBS offers great opportunities to study abroad, and I have heard intriguing stories from those who went. However, even though I stayed back I am able to tell somewhat interesting stories as well. This is because CBS is an international school of business, where diversity is never discouraged. Therefore, keeping in mind what I have experienced, I think it is safe to say that CBS is the cup of tea for those, who have an interest in business. It has less to do with whether you are the CBS type as no such type exists.

In my everyday life, I am mostly caught up with studies, work etc. and therefore often fail to notice my gradual improvements. However, reflecting upon my time at CBS and how it has formed me, I cannot be more grateful.