My CBS Story


A CBS story in process

When I was asked to tell my CBS story, many thoughts came to my mind. After some thinking, I concluded that the most important element in my CBS story is my development. How CBS and its environment let you grow as a person. How I have learned, and how important this process is. After four semesters, I am a much more confident, independent and self-assured person.

Already after my first year, I understood the impression of the word ”CBS”. People care about where I study, not what I study. This combined with stressful courses and difficulties in keeping up with curriculum made me think about why I studied at CBS. The question made me more self-assured about my interests and the academic outcome I expected.  At CBS, I have the opportunity to develop my CV and myself as a person. I  quickly became aware of the different options CBS provides including student clubs, buddy programme, exchange etc. I realised how I could influence my outcome but also the necessity of choices and decisions. What do I want? It is not possible to attend everything. I have discovered how a decision always results in responsibilities and consequences in one way or another. It is from these responsibilities and consequences I have developed my skills and grown personally. I have become more aware of what I wanted and how to achieve it while still prioritising myself as a person outside school. Prioritising my friends and a night out, not preparing for classes and lectures and not being 100% ready for an exam.

I chose to apply for a mentor position. A consequence was less time for my own studies during a busy semester. However, knowing I helped new students was enough value in itself to outweigh tthe negatives. I also learned a lot about myself and my own study methods. It made me more effective and plan my days with work, mentor and school.

During my time at CBS, I have realised that no matter how much I try to prepare myself I can never be fully sure of what is going to happen. But I have learned the importance of challenges: With challenge follows increased knowledge and new experiences. No matter how good or bad the experience was it is all about the process which is my focus. At CBS, I am given the opportunity to grow.  My learning process at CBS is far from being over. I will get new challenges (and opportunities!), new courses, new options and new situations. It is up to me how I deal with them. At CBS, I have learned more about myself, and I am still in the process of writing my CBS story.