My CBS Story


CBS – Woven into the fabric of my life


When I started my master thesis at Roskilde University in the 90s, I took a course at CBS (back then called Handelshøjskolen) to acquire a deeper understanding of my subject. It was an enriching experience both personally and academically. I remember having so much energy after the oral exam that I rode my bicycle all the way out to Dyrehaven in Klampenborg.

Early in my career, I applied for a teaching assistant position in a communications course at CBS. I had worked with digital media for a couple of years and it was a huge acknowledgement to be entrusted with this course. On some level, I believe that I learned as much if not more than the students; setting up the theoretical framework of the course, deciding on how to provide the students with practical experience and last but not least, engaging with the students.

Since 2013, I have been working full-time at CBS with the objective to establish and maintain relations with our alumni. I have great colleagues who are always determined to do their best. And as far as CBS’ alumni are concerned, it is always a pleasure to see the willingness of our graduates to engage in CBS throughout their career.

The past gives us the opportunity to reflect on the present and future. One of the reasons that I chose to share my story is to make the women of CBS more visible. 50 % of our graduates are women who produce outstanding results. There is no reason for women not to occupy at least half of the positions at every job level and in every academic area.

Looking to the next 100 years, I hope that CBS and society will succeed to an even higher degree in tapping into the great pool of female talent. Moreover, I hope that every CBS student – both male and female – will be able to reach their goals no matter what these might be.

Happy One Hundred!