My CBS Story


Why don’t people just do a better job?

Why don’t people just do a better job? I would often think in the past when a minor bureaucratic inconvenience or seemingly sloppy product feature would annoy me. The thought would often be followed by: If I had their job… Well, not anymore. If my time at CBS has taught me anything, it is the absurd complexity that goes into every little process which involves managing people and how hard it is to consistently juggle multiple balls at the same time and, much more importantly, finding the time to do so.

It has been in many ways a humbling experience to be introduced to people who are so professional in their approach to their assigned task in the world. Daily I will meet fellow students which indulge in awe-inspiring achievements and always seem to have a couple more hours in their day than I do. Through the school, I’ve also had my first real run-in with real professionals, who’ve taught me the true meaning of the word “expert”. More than once I’ve thought that I’m a thousand years too early to be here.

To me, an education at CBS is not so much about papers, curriculum or even teaching. It is above all about meeting inspiring, absurdly talented and ambitious people and learning to respect the tasks they perform.