My CBS Story


My first year at CBS

The academic year 1973-1974 was my first year at CBS in the English-German language programme. We went ‘to school’ to a much greater extent than students do today; we had tons of homework in addition to at least four written assignments every week in all 15 weeks each semester. I finished my master degree MA in Translation and Interpretation in 1979 and was employed as a teaching assistant the same year. I am still around in 2017, now as an associate professor at MSC. My sister Helle was a student in the first class studying a MA in International Business Communication ever, and my daughter Merethe was the last class to study MA in Translation and Interpretation ever graduating in 2016. My husband has completed a diploma programme, and my son has a MSc in Finance and Accounting. So I guess you can say that we have made CBS a family business.