My CBS Story


A growing journey full of good memories

Even though I graduated from CBS three years ago with a master’s degree called Cand.merc. Brand Communication Management, all the memories are still fresh. CBS has been a life changing experience in many ways. It may sound quite cheesy but during my two years at CBS, I never had a moment in which I regretted my choice. CBS gave me the opportunity to meet incredible and international people, to evolve my creative and analytical thinking process and to travel abroad through an exchange programme.

I had no expectations when I first started at CBS. Coming from Italy, I felt that Denmark was quite a new world to me. I still remember my first day in class when I walked in, with my pen and notebook, and could only see MacBooks when I looked up. Felt so analogue! I had a similar experience when I wanted to ask a professor my first question and kept my hand up hoping he would notice me. After a while the guy next to me, obviously tired of me, shouted the professor’s name to get his attention. My first thought was: “Ok I need to step up my game here”. But the academic culture at CBS in addition to the numerous student activities and events actually made my integration quite easy (a big thanks to Nexus for that as well!)

For me the main challenge at CBS was to adapt to a different way of studying. It was less theoretical than in Italy and much more practical and creative. However, I loved it. I really felt I could express my vision and opinion. At CBS, I learned to work in groups, to challenge myself and to take risks. On top of that, my master’s provided me with valuable knowledge about corporate and consumer communication and branding, which I apply in my current job daily. And I believe that is what a master’s is meant for: To give you all the tools necessary for your future career  J

So big thanks to CBS!