My CBS Story


Individuals going together

My CBS story started, as many other Danes I suppose, during study orientation in my last year of upper secondary school. And I hated it. Before I went, I was pretty sure that I wanted to study MSocSc and only went to get reassured (and get two days off school). However, when I came home, I had more doubts than ever – the feeling, surroundings and people seemed way too official and snobbish for my liking. I got the impression that CBS was made up of a bunch of individuals with extremely sharp elbows, which certainly was not a study environment I could see myself in.

The quick reader is probably thinking “but aren’t you studying there anyway?” And yes, yes I am. As any young person in distress, I had a long talk with my mum and decided that it was the education itself that should matter the most. So I jumped into it with low expectations to the social life but sky high to the academic.

And ever since my first day as a full blood CBS student, my prejudices and expectations have both been met and completely shot down. I have met some of the kindest, smartest, most helpful and inspiring people at CBS. But I have also met people with very pointy elbows who would rather help themselves than others. Thankfully, the first category is overrepresented.

However, I quickly felt a lack of common culture, traditions and “togetherness”, not in my programme but overall at CBS. The feeling I had experienced every day in upper secondary school suddenly felt very distant, and it once again made me doubt that CBS was the right place for me – especially when I heard from my friends at University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University about their traditions and inside jokes.  I therefore decided to spend some more time doing extra-curricular activities, first as editor of CBSLife, then as mentor and latest as a member of CBS students. And finally I found what I was looking for. That community, that common spirit I had searched for: A bunch of passionate people rallying around a common goal and using everyone’s unique skills to get there. And I think that is what sums up CBS for me so far. Despite the harsh competition which CBS is infamous for, you can find cooperation and helpfulness in every nook and cranny.

My CBS story has had its bumps on the road but has entailed learning so much about myself, about others and especially what can be accomplished when individuals work together for a common goal. And thankfully, it is far from over yet.