My CBS Story


A good workday at CBS is impossible to describe

CBS presents you with opportunities

Since 1984, I have only been away from CBS for four years. During those four years, I realised that the students give CBS a pulse that you do not find everywhere.

It is impossible to describe a good workday for me, because a good day is when I have no idea what will happen and when most days turn out differently than expected. My job is to get the operation of CBS to run as normal as possible in a way so that no one notices that things are not as they usually are. We have handled burglars and fire along with the usual operations.

In many ways the students are the ones who make this place so fascinating. Although a great deal of my job description is to say “no” and to make sure that we comply with the law, I believe that the students and I cooperate well. I have been in committees with many students over the years, and the young people at CBS are just so full of energy and ideas. This is wonderful to experience. One example is the Semester Start Party where everybody just wants to throw their fellow students a great party.

My reason for remaining at CBS is that CBS has given me new opportunities. I have had many superiors, and the training and tasks I have suggested have always been met with appreciation. My career at CBS began on 1 April 1984 when I was employed as a porter at Julius Thomsens Plads 10. After ten years as a porter, I was employed as custodian at Amalienborgmuseet. I stayed until 1998 when CBS requested my help in establishing the facilities at Solbjerg Plads as a chief porter. I have continuously been promoted and given new assignments. In 2013, I was appointed as head of the newly established Portering, Safety & Working Environment under Campus Services. During my time at CBS, I have been given exciting tasks. I have, for instance, been a part of the planning of the building of the Wedge where a group of stakeholders travelled around Europe in order to gather inspiration. Today, I am managing 18 porters. This is why I have remained at CBS.