My CBS Story


The moon is also a nice place to be

When I started at CBS, I had a lot of doubts. Had I chosen the right bachelor degree, would I fit in at this highly prejudiced school, and would I be able to go on exchange as I had wanted to ever since I got accepted to CBS?

After starting my classes, the doubts continued. Would I ever be able to get a study-related job, and would I ever be able to manage it since my work experience primarily was in hospitality? The only thing I knew for sure was that I would complete my bachelor even if I would have doubts all three years.

In the beginning of my second year, the doubts started to fade away, and I started to focus more and more on what I wanted to achieve. I decided to aim for the stars because even if I could not get there, I might reach the moon which would also be a pretty cool place to be. My point is that I decided to just try. I tried to apply for study-related jobs at big consulting houses, various banks and large PR and marketing bureaus. I tried to search for available exchange places at universities in Canada and the US. Basically, I just tried my way through.

Halfway through second year, I got a study-related job in the marketing department in the airport, and I got accepted for exchange at a university in Hong Kong. The road has been long, and I will not tell you the whole story. The job at the airport has given me a broad variety of skills and competences that I value greatly, and the exchange semester in Hong Kong has been one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Now I just started my master degree at CBS, of course still doubting. However, I have kept the ‘I’m just going to give it a try’ mentality, because it has proven to work for me. What I am trying to say is: Do not think too much about your doubts but focus on your goals instead. Enjoy the ride because the time will fly faster than you think. Another point is: Do not say no to a job/experience/exchange place etc. just because it is not exactly one of the stars you aimed at. You will find your place and remember, the moon is also a quite nice place to be!