My CBS Story


A place with room for ambitions

When I applied for studying my bachelor at CBS, I was not really sure of what I wanted to achieve with my studies. My hope was that my time at CBS would provide some inspiration through the interesting lectures and exciting opportunities. Four years later, I have realised that this is exactly what I have found at CBS – along with so much more.

Studying at CBS, I, for the first time, found myself surrounded by ambitious and highly-driven people, making room for my own ambitions to grow. On this journey, it has been important for me to embrace the opportunities you get as a CBS student, and going on exchange was definitely a chance I could not miss. I spent my fifth semester in Oxford, a time that provided me with life changing experiences, a global mindset and friends from all over the world. I found myself to really thrive in such an environment, and after returning from exchange, I knew that I needed to pursue similar experiences going forward.

As a result, I now have an exciting job as a student assistant at Maersk, an organisation where I am exposed to all sorts of global challenges and enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world. Beyond valuable professional experience, this has furthermore expanded my professional network significantly and been the foundation for new friendships – all enabled by the opportunities provided by CBS.

CBS has over the years become so much more than a place of study to me. I am proud of my academic achievements – such as when my bachelor project was ranked among the top three theses. However, without engaging with fellow students as a tutor or enjoying a few beers at Nexus, I would never have had the same experience.

Even though my time at CBS is soon coming to an end, I know that new adventures are waiting ahead. And I am proud to say that CBS has been an important point of departure for my future journey.