My CBS Story



Coming from a small island, I always had a desire to explore the world and see what’s out there. Therefore, I have always pursued any opportunity to travel, and going to CBS has provided me with a wide variety of ways to do just that.

Studying a bachelor in International business, I am met by an international environment every day. 20 per cent of IB students are from foreign countries, and the different backgrounds are evident in the unique perspectives you meet in the day to day life. However, this is just one of the ways that you can learn about new cultures at CBS.

Just recently, I returned from my  semester abroad in Hong Kong after a fantastic experience where I made friends from places all around the world. I would say that becoming a part of a completely new culture has showed me new sides of myself. My travels around Hong Kong and  weekend trips to nearby Asian countries havesignificantly broaden my perspectives of what the world has to offer.

While on exchange, I also went to Australia in order to represent CBS at an international case competition in Melbourne. Here, I met top students from 12 different countries, who I would describe as some of the most inspiring and ambitious people I have ever met. Having a week of both intense work and great fun was truly what I believe to be an experience of a lifetime which only got better by the fact I returned with a first place.

If you ask me, CBS is in the forefront when it comes to providing its student with extracurricular opportunities, especially in relation to case competitions. The list of countries I have competed in now covers Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, and I have just played a part in founding CBS’ first case club, so it is really only yourself who set the limits.

CBS has given me the opportunity to reach my goals and the tools I need to get there, and I would therefore encourage everybody to grasp the opportunity to see the world with CBS.