My CBS Story


Virginia Boie

Surprisingly, my first encounter with CBS was in Lausanne, Switzerland, where I went on exchange for one semester during my bachelor studies in Economics and Business Administration in Germany. My exchange semester allowed me to get out of heavily theoretical lectures with more than 800 people and impersonal tutorials. The teaching methods including business cases, small classes and a flat hierarchy between professors and students introduced me to another way of studying; the study atmosphere at the University of Lausanne next to Lake Geneva and the Alps did the rest.

On one occasion, I enthusiastically told my Spanish roommate about how much I appreciated studying in Switzerland compared to my university in Germany. She agreed with my positive viewpoints, but she also told me something else – the university that sent her on exchange was even better with smaller classes, real-world projects with companies, vivid discussions and a less formal professor-student relationship where you refer to your teachers by their first name. This university was Copenhagen Business School.

Inspired by the international atmosphere during my exchange, I knew I wanted to pursue my master studies outside Germany after I finished my bachelor programme. Remembering what my Spanish friend told me, I checked out the programmes offered by CBS and, by pure coincidence, found a programme that fitted me perfectly and allowed me to spark my interest in the field I planned on studying. When I received an acceptance letter for the master programme “Business Administration and Innovation in Health Care” on 15 June 2016, I could not have been happier.

Now, being in the second semester, I can only say that the programme meets all my expectations, and that my Spanish friend from Switzerland was right.