My CBS Story


What drives me

One late night when I was taking the train home after work, I wondered what drove me. What was the purpose of me studying at CBS and working part-time in a student job? It was a fuzzy question, so instead I asked myself what drove my friends and peers to push and achieve extraordinary things. Things like success in terms of social status, money and an excellent, prospective job were some subjects that came to my mind. To be frank, I thought that these were also among the things which drove me, but then I dug a little deeper. Without being certain, I think what drives me is the opportunity to provide an even better platform for the future generation than what I have today.

CBS has been a great place to lay the bricks for a foundation. It has offered me the opportunity to go on GLOBE and experience the world in addition to different universities. CBS has provided me the opportunity to widen my horizon and become more cultural affluent. With a vibrant student network of bright and diverse people, CBS offers an excellent platform for the students to take the next leap.

Being able to travel and experiencing the world has opened my eyes for the opportunities around the world. Everything from the universities to the different job opportunities that are hard to find in Denmark are appealing reasons to move abroad. Living with the notion of “the world is your oyster”, I can only encourage peers to move abroad for some months. My previous years abroad in Shanghai, Hong Kong and North Carolina have enriched me culturally, academically and socially. I believe being exposed to other cultures entails that one can be more educated and more informed when making a choice for a future generation. I look forward to continuing my journey around the world.