My CBS Story


You will never regret it

…because you will have the time of your life

I am not an A+ student. I am not from the expensive neighbourhood. I am not the most beautiful or most popular girl at school. But I could not be happier!
My story begins in a small city in the northern part of Jutland – far away from Copenhagen and CBS. I studied at another university, but never felt like I completely fit in. So I packed my bags and moved far away from everyone I knew. I had always loved the city of Copenhagen, and I was sure I would regret it for the rest of my life if I could not say it once had been my home.

As a Danish student, I did not encounter any problems when changing university – the major challenge was to establish a completely new life. Looking back, nearly two years later, I had absolutely nothing to worry about.
CBS is a champion when it comes to make you feel like a part of a bigger society. I felt so lucky to not only be a student at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, but also to feel welcome from day one!

Your CBS life can end up in countless colours and shapes. I wanted to open every potential door I met. These doors have led me to become “buddy” for new international students at CBS, mentor for the younger students at my programme and tutor for the new students during their first two weeks at CBS.

All these activities have given me a priceless network but most importantly friends for life. Friends who I share my frustrations with when it feels like the exams will never end. Friends who I meet up with at Nexus on Thursdays and have evil hangovers with on Friday mornings. Friends who support me, study with me and has made my CBS story a story I will never regret and will remember as the time of my life.