My CBS Story


You Define Your Journey

On my first day as a new bachelor student, I did not know what to expect. I was excited, but like the other 650 students sitting next to me, I was eager to begin a new pivotal chapter in my life. I remember a conversation I had some months after I had got accustomed to my new life as a student, which was a topic every new student at CBS will quickly face: “Do you want to go on exchange?”

Like many others, my curiosity and desire to explore the world made me seize an opportunity only CBS could provide: Choose between studying at one of its 300+ partner universities. Subsequently, I found myself torn – where should I go, and where can I go?

Already studying at one of the most renowned business schools worldwide, I knew what my priorities were: Cultural learnings, friendships across borders and, above all, the possibility to live on campus. These priorities ended up in the choice of a small private university in USA during my bachelor and Switzerland during my master. Attending small universities and living on campus gave me the opportunity to engage in the local communities by playing on the local volleyball team and mentoring underprivileged children. These experiences have highly defined me and my CBS journey.

My CBS journey was not only influenced by my exchanges. As a tutor, I spent a semester planning the introductory weeks for 650 incoming students. The coordination, planning and execution were challenging, but through teamwork we successfully managed to give the new students a great start at CBS. When I was a bachelor student myself, I had a mentor whom I went to for counsel. I personally experienced that this function had great value and impact, which motivated me to become a mentor myself later on. Through mentoring, I advised approximately 100 students on various study techniques, how to manage student and social life, how to find jobs and much more.

My journey at CBS has defined who I am today. Through my two exchange programmes, I have developed global friendships and truly gained an international outlook beyond my imagination. I have cried, laughed, cursed and loved my whole CBS experience (who has not?). My graduation is coming up, and soon I will look towards the world – ready and well prepared for new challenges. Now it is your turn to go define your CBS journey!