Carl Iversen


Carl Iversen (1889-1978) was a political economist and had a decisive impact on the integration of Keynesianism in Handelshøjskolen’s research and teaching activities. He became a Master of Science in Economics and Management in 1923 and embarked on a study tour to USA in 1925-26. In 1935, he became a Doctor of Economics and was appointed as reader. In 1939, he was appointed as professor at the University of Copenhagen.

During his university career, Carl Iversen started teaching political economy at Handelshøjskolen in 1934. He was appointed reader and became in charge of the teaching in political economy in 1937. He continued to work at Handelshøjskolen, also after his appointment to professor at the University of Copenhagen. In addition to his academic influence on Handelshøjskolen’s research and teaching, he took part in hiring a number of young, talented economists, many of which became professors later.

Carl Iversen was one of the most influential Danish political economists, and he held a vast number of top positions in Denmark and internationally. He retired as reader at Handelshøjskolen in 1948, but continued a few years as an associate professor.