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Per Holten-Andersen

Acting President

Per Holten-Andersen (b. 1952) took up the position as president of CBS in January 2012 and has worked continuously to develop the university’s strategy, Business in Society. In addition, he has been committed to reach a political understanding that CBS’ research grants are to be raised to boost research and uphold the quality of CBS’ programmes.

In 1979, Per Holten-Andersen earned an MSc in Forestry at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University. Later, he completed the Graduate Diploma in Finance and Credit at Handelshøjskolen i København. He defended his PhD thesis about inflation and taxation in forest economics in 1990. Holten-Andersen was appointed as assistant professor, associate professor and head of department at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, and continued as rector from 2002-2006. He became dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen in 2007.