Zelman Lando


Economist Zelman Lando (1895-1977) established Handelshøjskolen’s diploma programme in banking. He also introduced the discipline as a course in Handelshøjskolen’s programmes. He was born in Poland, had a doctoral degree in economics and commerce from the university in Basle. He became affiliated with Handelshøjskolen in 1923 and was appointed as Reader of Science of Commerce and Banking.

In 1932, Zelman Lando was head of the newly-established Department of Export Trade and the Department of Banking in 1939. In addition to the diploma programme in banking, he repeatedly attempted to establish a diploma programme in foreign trade, with which he succeeded in 1946. In 1954, he headed a Danish study delegation to USA, funded by the Marshall Plan. Zelman Lando retired in 1965.