The first two professors at Handelshøjskolen

In 1936, Handelshøjskolen appoints the first professor, German Economist Julius Hirsch. He is followed one year later by Reader Max Kjær Hansen.

Handelshøjskolen awards its first professorship in business economics to German Economist Julius Hirsch, who has fled from Hitler’s dictatorship. Following his appointment, Hirsch becomes head of the newly established Department of Business and Economics Research (Handelsvidenskabeligt Forskningsinstitut), which, as the name implies, is Handelshøjskolen’s first formal research department with its own academic journal.

The other departments at Handelshøjskolen have mainly been established to support the academic teaching environment; however, once the Department of Business and Economics Research is established, it becomes an impetus for new research in all the departments.

In 1937, Max Kjær Hansen becomes professor of marketing.