The director of Handelshøjskolen goes to America

In 1947, the Director of Handelshøjskolen Christen Møller travels to America. This study tour marks the increasing American influence on research and education at Handelshøjskolen.

After two decades of massive German influence on research and education, the outcome of World War II leads to a new and strong impact from American business school research.

In the autumn of 1947, Director of Handelshøjskolen Christen Møller travels to America on a three-month study tour to visit American business schools. The visit marks the beginning of numerous study tours by Danish business students and scholars to American business schools, but also many American guest lecturers visiting Handelshøjskolen from 1948 and onwards.

2,302 students are now enrolled in Handelshøjskolen’s programmes. The permanent teaching staff includes two professors, six readers and 25 associate professors.