Handelshøjskolen becomes independent

In 1965, Handelshøjskolen becomes independent of the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education. The management of the school is divided between the rector, the Teaching Council and a new Administrative Board.

Following the passing of a new act on business schools, Handelshøjskolen becomes independent, and the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education appoints a new Administrative Board. As a consequence, the school is divided into three governing bodies: The rector in charge of daily operations and external representation of the school; the Teaching Council consisting of all professors and programme directors with supreme authority in matters relating to the curriculum and positions; and the Administrative Board in charge of administrative and financial matters.

Following its new status, Handelshøjskolen is given the right to promote the highest academic degree in Denmark, the doctoral degree in business economics (dr.merc.).

The first study boards with equal representation of students and professors are established. They are, however, only advisory.

3,888 students are now enrolled in Handelshøjskolen’s programmes. The permanent teaching staff counts 15 professors, one reader and 30 associate professors.